Teacher Residency Program

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Your Pathway to Classroom Teaching

The GO Teacher Residency program was designed to go hand in hand with the GO Fellowship experience. Offered exclusively to GO Fellows and staff members at our GO schools and partner sites, the residency is a site-based embedded teaching apprenticeship that provides participants with on-the-job mentoring, their teaching certification, and their Master of Arts in Teaching.

How It Works


GO Fellows who are interested in a teaching career apply to the Teacher Residency program throughout the fall and winter of their year of service.


In February, they attend the Gateway Program, which supports them through the graduate school application and enrollment process and offers professional development sessions.


Selected Residents enroll in one of our partner graduate programs at NYU Steinhardt or Relay Graduate School of Education. Classes begin the following summer.


As the Residency begins, the Fellow is in their second year of service with AmeriCorps. They continue to receive all the benefits of a GO Fellow, like housing, a living stipend, and the opportunity to earn a Segal Education Award.


When the school year starts, Residents complete coursework while teaching in the classroom at a GO partner school alongside a Mentor Teacher, who provides valuable perspective on working in a school and navigating professional relationships.


The Mentor Teacher gradually releases responsibilities to the Resident until they are ready to lead the classroom independently.


By the end of the school year, the Resident teaches full class periods multiple times per week and is ready to apply for their teaching license and certification.


As they approach completion of the program, Residents are able to leverage their relationships with the GO network to increase their likelihood of full-time employment as a teacher in the following year.


Resident Experiences

“The scariest part of entering the education system…is the idea that you are going to fail the students. [The Residency] gave me the chance to feel confident in myself when I took over the classroom, as I had small bites of practice and I had seen it done well.”

– Sam Dalli
Second-year GO Teacher Resident at Great Oaks Wilmington

“The GO Teacher Residency program has impacted me because I feel like I am becoming the teacher that I wish I had in my classrooms when I was in school. I now understand from my training what it means to build a classroom culture where students’ identities, families, talents, and wealth of knowledge is celebrated and appreciated.”

Clint Brown
GO Teacher Resident at Great Oaks-NYC
Teacher Resident Clint Brown

Working Closely Together

Our Graduate School Partners

NYU Steinhardt’s Teacher Residency Program
Master’s & Teaching Certification

1 Year
Masters & Teaching Certification

Relay Graduate School of Education
Master’s & Teaching Certification

2 Years
1 Year to Teaching Certification,
2 Years to Master’s


* Some school sites provide tuition assistance.
** Scholarships available; most Residents pay ~$6,000 out of pocket for the program.

Incoming Fellows

Accelerate Your Degree

Though we prioritize existing GO Fellows for our Teacher Residency program, we recognize that some incoming Fellow candidates may already possess the requisite skills and experience to begin the Residency at the start of their first year of service.

Candidates who meet the qualifications listed below may apply to the Residency prior to the start of their first year of service as a GO Fellow.

Transcript Qualifications

  • Candidate must have the required number of credits for their major to gain entry to Relay or NYU (full 30 credits of content is ideal; will consider 24 credits if candidate excels in other areas).
  • Candidate must have an undergraduate GPA of at least 2.9 (2.5 may be accepted if candidate excels in other areas).
  • Special consideration will be given to candidates who already hold an undergraduate degree in education.

Experience Qualifications

  • Candidate must have at least 1 year of experience working directly with children; special consideration will be given to those who have worked in a school or academic setting.
  • Special consideration will be given to candidates who have already completed a year of service with another AmeriCorps program.

Recommendation Qualifications

  • Candidate must receive a recommendation from a professor or supervisor indicating strong work ethic, professionalism, and ability to work well under pressure.
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