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Improving Equity & Outcomes

The Need We Address

Closing the Opportunity Gap

America’s education system is rife with inequity. Students in historically underserved communities are more likely to attend schools with:

  • Underperforming teachers

  • Less rigorous academic courses

  • Fewer after-school programs

  • Lower expectations for their academic performance

The GO Fellows program improves education outcomes for students with its intense focus on individualized instruction and addressing students’ developmental needs.

Tutoring delivered in the context of a supportive relationship between student and GO AmeriCorps member will result in a dramatic increase in student math and ELA achievement.

When GO students meet or exceed their annual growth targets as set by a nationally normed assessment, students get back on track, are more likely to graduate from high school, and are better prepared for college and career success.

How We Work

Our Model for Achievement

At the GO Foundation, we recruit, train, and support a corps of young adults who are placed as Fellows in GO partner and charter schools, where they tutor students as part of a year of service through the federal AmeriCorps program. The 10 essential elements of GO’s approach are:

Tutorial Group Size

In an average tutorial, a Fellow is paired with 2 students and is not scheduled to tutor more than 4 at a time.

Yearly Mentoring Ratio

Fellows are assigned to work intensively with up to 15 students over the school year, a small enough cohort to position a Fellow to be able to meaningfully mentor those students.

Tutorial Time

Each student receives at least 90 minutes per week of small-group, high-dosage tutoring per subject offered. Partner schools may have Fellows in ELA, math, or both subjects.

Tutorial Location

Tutoring is provided in person, not online, and is structured to allow a Fellow to connect individually with students and provide genuine mentorship.

Tutorial Population

Tutoring is provided to a complete cohort of students—whole school, whole grade, or whole classroom—in grades 3 through 12.

Fellow DEIA

Fellows are recruited to reflect the diversity of the students they support and are trained to deliver lessons in a way that is culturally responsive.

Tutorial Curriculum

Fellows deliver lessons through a set math/ELA curriculum provided by the partner school.

Fellow-Teacher Collaboration

Fellows meet regularly with teachers, are connected to student data, and are observed regularly to be able to continuously improve their performance.

Fellow Development

Fellows are developed over the course of their year of service to prepare them for their next step professionally, including the Teacher Residency program.

Fellow-Family Communication

Fellows regularly communicate with their students’ homes or families.
Who We Serve

Student Snapshot

Great Oaks Bridgeport Education

Great Oaks Bridgeport

GO-BPT is a middle and high school serving over 500 students in grades 6-12.

Achievement First Connecticut

GO Fellows serve students in two Achievement First middle schools located in Hartford and Bridgeport, CT.

Great Oaks New York City

GO-NYC is a middle and high school with over 300 students in grades 6-9.

Great Oaks Legacy Campuses in Newark

GO Legacy serves over 2,000 students in Pre-K through 12th grade across 5 campuses.
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