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GO partners with charter schools in low-income neighborhoods throughout the Northeast. While each school has its own unique strengths and characteristics, they all share the GO Foundation’s commitment to student growth both inside and outside the classroom, community investment, and excellent classroom teaching.

We nurture this growth through our GO Fellowship AmeriCorps program, which mobilizes recent college graduates to provide daily individualized tutoring and mentoring in a small-group setting during the school day. An emerging body of evidence points to the efficacy of high-dosage tutoring programs—like the GO Fellowship—in accelerating students’ academic and social-emotional growth and, ultimately, closing the educational achievement gap.

The GO Fellowship also sets our partner schools apart from other college preparatory schools by supporting and amplifying students’ ability to give back and act as leaders for others. GO’s AmeriCorps member Fellows bring valuable assets to each school we serve—idealism, energy, and a desire to serve others—which enables them to create strong, productive, and lasting relationships both with school staff and students.

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Kindle, Jersey City

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