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CJ SMiling
CJ SMiling

After a successful career in finance, C.J. began a new chapter with the GO Foundation, where he has found a sense of purpose in helping students realize their full potential. He graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in Marketing and thrives on connecting people with GO’s mission to provide students with access to a quality education.

Unique perspective: Before joining the GO Foundation, I served as a board member at Great Oaks NYC to provide the perspective of a parent of a New York City public school student.

Since joining the GO Foundation, I have been able to: Work with many inspiring, passionate and diverse people. It’s been a life-changing experience that has fostered so much personal growth for me.

Creative passions:  Cooking, checking out live music, and devouring books

How I’m changing lives: By connecting with individuals who have a passion for service, education equity, college access and uplifting Black and Brown communities.

Recruitment Specialist (CT, DC, MA, NY)
J'KOi Smiling
J'KOi Smiling

J’koi graduated from Montclair State University with a degree in Communication Studies and began his career as a recruiter in the corporate world. Seeking a new experience, he joined the GO Foundation, where he could combine his passions for service and connecting others with meaningful opportunities.

My pledge to Fellows: I make sure that I am being charismatic, honest and informative as I share information that can be truly transformative in their future endeavors.

Since joining the GO Foundation, I have been able to: Reignite my passion for serving my community and making an impact in others’ lives.

Hidden talent: Master karaoke performer

How I’m changing lives: I recruit individuals who are servant leaders inspired by the organization’s mission. 
Our Fellows not only help their students achieve academic success—they also support the future growth of the GO Fellowship program.

Recruitment Specialist (NJ),
University Relations
Michielle Smiling
Michielle Smiling

Michielle graduated from New York University with a degree in Language and Mind and a minor in Education Studies. She served with AmeriCorps and has teaching experience in public schools from New York City to Argentina. As a first-generation college graduate, Michielle experienced the life-changing effects of a quality education and mentoring, which are what inspired her to join the GO Foundation.

Three words to describe myself: Open, friendly and helpful!

Since joining the GO Foundation, I have been able to: Pay it forward by 
recruiting passionate, empathetic individuals to help students thrive while supporting teachers and communities.

New thing I’m learning: I’m constantly picking up new hobbies. Right now, I’m obsessed with baking cookies and crocheting.

How I’m changing lives: I assist in finding quality candidates for the Fellowship, who will then gain professional development and impact students’ lives.

Michielle Corpuz
Recruiter (CT, DC, MA, NY)
Jeunet Smiling
Jeunet Smiling

Jeunet earned a degree in Human Development & Family Studies from the University of Delaware. As an educator, she witnessed the inequities of the education system firsthand and joined the GO Foundation to help more students gain the resources they need to succeed.

Unique perspective: I took a service year through AmeriCorps, which was invaluable to my 
career because it allowed me to challenge myself and grow outside my comfort zone. I gained perspective from my students, and it was amazing to see them graduate high school and become first-generation college students!

Since joining the GO Foundation, I have: Learned to be open and accept any challenge that comes my way with grace and ambition to work towards a collective goal.

Creative talent: I’ve been dancing for 20+ years.

How I’m changing lives: As recruiters, we are providing opportunities for people to do work that aligns with their values and can help them jumpstart their future careers.

Jeunet Fidelino
Recruiter (NJ)
Grace Smiling
Grace Smiling

After graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Human Development & Family Studies, Grace served as a GO Fellow at Great Oaks Legacy Charter School. As a formerly undocumented immigrant, she knows the value of the GO Foundation’s mission and is dedicated to supporting historically marginalized communities.

My co-workers describe me as: “Low-key one of the funniest people at work.”

Since joining the GO Foundation, I have been able to: Build my capacity to thrive in dynamic environments and navigate uncertainties with confidence.

Fun fact: I have a dog even though I’m allergic!

How I’m changing lives: I’ve enjoyed streamlining our organization’s processes and making them more efficient so we can hire more Fellows who can contribute to the long-term success of our students.

Grace Lee
Talent Acquisition Strategist
Nusrat Smiling
Nusrat Smiling

As an AmeriCorps Member, Nusrat witnessed the impact that organizations like the GO Foundation can have. She obtained a degree in Psychology from Montclair State University and joined the GO Foundation because she believes the organization’s mission is crucial to addressing educational disparities and empowering students.

What inspires me: As someone at the beginning of my career journey, I aspire to be as helpful, kind and open as the people I work with.

Since joining the GO Foundation, I have been able to: Challenge myself, broaden my perspectives and acquire new skills.

Fun fact: I have a habit of buying books and not reading them. I’m also an aspiring cat owner.

How I’m changing lives: By providing opportunities to Fellows who share GO’s commitment to giving back, I am helping to build a team that’s dedicated to creating positive change and fostering the growth and development of the communities we serve.

Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Darius earned a degree in Physical Education & Sport Management from Syracuse University and worked as a 4th grade teacher before joining the GO Foundation. He is passionate about GO’s mission because he believes students deserve to have someone in their corner who believes in them and pushes them to succeed in the classroom and in life.

The best part of my job: Watching GO Fellows make an impact on the lives of students and helping our organization find new ways to pour into the development of our Fellows.

Since joining the GO Foundation, I have been able to: Grow as a leader and improve my marketing, networking, project management and public speaking skills.

Favorite cartoon: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

How I’m changing lives: I have been blessed to have many great role models in my life, and the GO Foundation has allowed me to pay it forward by being a leader within the organization as well as a mentor to some of the Fellows currently serving.

Darius Rose
Director of Recruitment
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