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Core Purpose

Our Mission

The mission of the GO Foundation is to provide students with access to a quality education through high-dosage tutoring. We envision an America where every child has the support of a tutor to enable them to realize their full human potential.

At the GO Foundation, we recruit, train, and support a corps of young adults who are placed in partner schools where they intensively tutor students as a part of a year of service through the federal AmeriCorps program. We call our tutors “Fellows” to encompass the several roles they play to instruct, mentor, and develop the students with whom they are matched.

The GO Foundation invests in the vitality of the communities in which our schools operate and in building an organization that is representative of them. We are committed to combating racism. The GO Foundation intentionally recruits a diverse group of tutors who reflect the children we serve and fosters inclusive learning environments for all students and staff.

The GO Foundation invests in our Fellows’ personal and professional development and invites a select group into a residency program to train them to become effective classroom teachers.

GO Foundation’s DEIA Statement

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Antiracism

At the GO Foundation, we are committed to providing access to a quality education for all students to achieve their full human potential. We believe that diversity, equity, inclusion, and antiracism are essential to achieving our mission and to creating inclusive learning environments that value and respect all individuals.

We are dedicated to combating racism and to building an organization that is representative of the communities in which we serve. To that end, we intentionally recruit a diverse group of tutors, or Fellows, who reflect the children we serve, and we work to create inclusive environments where all students and staff feel a deep sense of belonging and get what they need to thrive. 

We also invest in the personal and professional development of our Fellows, inviting a select group into a residency program to train them to become effective classroom teachers. We are committed to building a strong and diverse team that is dedicated to supporting the success of all students and to creating a more equitable future for all.

GO Foundation’s Actions Towards DEIA

We have developed a set of quantitative and qualitative metrics to measure the progress of our DEIA work. The Equity Report Card focuses on the diversity of our Board, leadership, staff, and Fellows. It also tracks how equitably we spend our discretionary funding. 

Another important initiative is Culturally Responsive Education Designers (CRED). CRED is a professional learning community that fosters collaboration to improve teaching and learning by putting students at the center of the learning process. Through CRED, teachers and Fellows learn how to design lessons that are culturally responsive. 

Another anchor to our work is training leaders, staff, and Fellows in becoming trained facilitators in DEIA. Through the Equity Champions initiative, participants will gain an understanding of key frameworks and historical context, as well as facilitation strategies for doing DEIA work in their schools and communities. 

Year in Review

Annual Report

See how our model of high-dosage tutoring has impacted students, teachers, schools, and communities over the past year and learn more about the transformative effect it can have on education.

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