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Hear From Our GO AmeriCorps Fellows

Changing Lives Through Service

From first-day jitters to lifelong connections with students and families, hear other Fellows reflect on their journey through service as part of the GO AmeriCorps program.

Isabella D’Adderio

Incoming Fellow at GO-NYC (2022-2023) Alma Mater: The Pennsylvania State University
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Adela Rios

Incoming Fellow at GO-NYC (2022-2023 Alma Mater: Bowdoin College
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Seema Sajjan

Incoming Fellow at GO-NYC (2022-2023) Alma Mater: Johns Hopkins University
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Ari Massos

Incoming Fellow at GO-BPT (2022-2023) Alma Mater: Roger Williams University
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Niasia Kennedy

Alumni at GO-Legacy (2020-2021) Alma Mater: William Paterson University
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Emerald Wright Coolie

Alumni at GO-NYC (2016-2017) Alma Mater: Allegheny College
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Justin Jones

Alumni at GO Legacy (2019-2020, 2020 – 2021) Alma Mater: Georgia State University
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Jasmin Perrier

Incoming Fellow at GO-Legacy (2022-2023) Alma Mater: University of Pittsburgh
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