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Who Can Apply

Do You Have What It Takes?

Check the following requirements to see if you’re eligible to become a GO AmeriCorps Fellow.

Age 18 or Older

Fellow must be a legal adult


High school diploma, GED, associate’s or bachelor’s degree

U.S. Residency

U.S. citizen or legal resident

Service Terms

No more than three previous AmeriCorps service terms


Able to dedicate a year to full-time service


Interested in working with youth and acquiring lifelong skills

How It Works

About the Program

As a GO Fellow, you will serve in one of our partner schools in select cities along the East Coast, all of which share our mission and values. The key responsibility of Fellows is to provide daily small-group instruction to students in math and/or English language arts and support students’ social-emotional growth during the school day.

Preparing to Serve

With its focus on individualized instruction and mentorship, the GO Fellowship is a rewarding experience. To help ensure you are fully prepared for your year of service, we provide pre-service training, professional development, networking, and social gatherings that will include all GO AmeriCorps Fellows across our network.

Benefits of Service

In addition to training, we also provide GO Fellows with subsidized housing or a housing allowance, a living allowance, health insurance, professional development opportunities, loan forbearance, and other benefits to help support their success.

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You can support academic achievement, increase high school graduation rates, prepare students for college, and help build stronger school communities as a GO AmeriCorps Fellow, all while building your leadership skills and preparing for your future career. Your service is needed now more than ever to help close the opportunity gap in low-income schools and ensure equitable education for all.

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In Their Words

Hear From Our Fellows

Akilah Hartgrove - GO Legacy Elementary (LES)

Akilah Hartgrove

Alumni at GO-Legacy (2021-2022)
Alma Mater: Earlham College

Maddie Ronga

Maddie Ronga

Alumni at GO-WIL (2021-2022)
Alma Mater: Iona College


Noel Goodrich

Alumni at GO-BPT (2021-2022)
Alma Mater: Azusa Pacific University


Noah Shoaf

Alumni at GO-BPT (2021-2022)
Alma Mater: Brigham Young University, Hawaii


Annissa Allen-Gore

Alumni at GO-BPT (2016-2017, 2017-2018)
Alma Mater: Howard University


Kenya Thrasher

Alumni at GO-Legacy(2018-2019)
Alma Mater: Georgia State University

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