Maddie Ronga – WIL

Maddie Ronga

Maddie was introduced to the GO Fellowship program by her mother and she served at Great Oaks Wilmington. There, Maddie was an ELA MS tutor and led periods in ELA. She took the time to share what her day as a Fellow entailed.

What does your day as a Fellow consist of?

My day as a Fellow consist of the following:

  • Morning duties (bus duty, breakfast duty)
  • TA for ELA or science classes
  • Intervention/RTI (8 – 10 students assigned but usually on have 2 – 3)
  • Periods could be hallway duty or bathroom duty
  • End of day duties

What are your responsibilities as an ELA Fellow?

As an ELA tutor, I worked on foundational skills at the beginning of year with the students. The Fellows are given materials for this to plan their lessons and it’s going in sync with what students are doing in the classroom.

Housing is provided with our Fellowship program. Can you describe your housing arrangement?

I lived in an apartment with 2 other girls, who are now my best friends. The distance from our place to the school was approximately a 5-7 min walk, in a safe area.



Akilah Hartgrove - GO Legacy Elementary (LES)

Akilah Hartgrove

Akilah shares that her role as a Fellow has allowed her to use her background and what she has gone through to understand all the different learning styles of the students she is working with, make them feel comfortable, make them feel safe and supported. In the passage below, Akilah documents her day as a GO Fellow.


Noel Goodrich

Noel shares why she decided to serve as a Fellow at GO-Bridgeport. She shares her commitment to being a mentor and tutor to her students as they achieve academic success.


Noah Shoaf

Noah shares how mentorship has been a huge motivating factor to why he serves. He shares why he believes tutoring and mentoring students is critical to learning.


Annissa Allen-Gore

2016-2017, 2017-2018
Current Title: Associate Attorney at Counsel LLP


Kenya Thrasher

Years served: 2018-2019
Current Title: Third Year Medical Student at Morehouse School of Medicine


Lucas Hoffman


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