The Power to be Transformative

Veteran reporter Catherine Gewertz’s article in the current edition of Education Week opens by framing the stakes for how education leaders are viewing high dosage tutoring.

“Tutoring is on the brink of a national inflection point. School districts are channeling big chunks of their federal COVID-relief money into tutoring programs, relying on research that shows that the strategy can be a powerful ally in completing unfinished learning. Billions of dollars—and millions of children—are on the line. With the stakes so high, experts are urging districts to reframe their thinking about tutoring. Please, they say: Imagine it not as a quick fix in a crisis, but as a long-range investment strategy to improve instruction.”

I had the chance to speak with Ms. Gewertz last week to emphasize the importance of what schools need to do to translate the promise of tutoring into a high-quality program. I shared with her that we at the GO Foundation had not always got it right over the last 10 years, but we learned from our mistakes, resulting in the Ten Essential Elements that we are striving to embed in our approach to tutoring. To see those elements, go to our website by clicking here. Here’s what Ms. Gewertz included in the article from our conversation,

“We’re talking about something that has the power to be transformative,” said Michael Duffy, the president of the GO Foundation, which is working with eight schools to build tutoring programs. Good programs, he said, can be permanent fixtures of school life that support all children, from those struggling academically to those who need more-challenging work.”

To read the full piece, which was posted online to EdWeek on April 18, click here.

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