Celebrating Our Fellows

March 29, 2023

As March comes to an end, GO is excited to highlight our appreciation for our Fellows and Staff! During the week of March 13th, the GO Foundation joined AmeriCorps and various service based organizations in commemorating the commitment of our members to celebrate AmeriCorps Appreciation Week. 

AmeriCorps Appreciation Week incorporated several activities which represented our appreciation for those who are committed to serving in our school communities. These activities included a photo scavenger hunt to showcase the extraordinary contributions and commitment of our AmeriCorps members. 

The GO Foundation also honored our GO Fellow Alumni throughout the week. Our alumni have been critical to the growth and success of the Fellowship program. The GO Foundation was excited to introduce the Alumni Database. This new initiative was created to help current Fellows connect with GO Fellow Alumni who may be in the career fields they would like to pursue. This new tool is essential in expanding the networks of our current Fellows. 

We are thankful for the unwavering support of our staff, the hard work of our Fellows leads, and the service of our Fellows. Our commitment to high-dosage tutoring across our schools has only been elevated because of the presence of all of these various service members. 

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