GO Foundation Featured in FutureEd Report on High-Dosage Tutoring

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March 2024
Michael Thomas Duffy 

“How often does it happen that a national policy priority, robust research, and the aspirations of classroom teachers converge? On a bipartisan issue no less? In the case of high-dosage tutoring as an effective remedy for learning loss, we have exactly such a case. This report, researched and written by FutureEd Policy Director Liz Cohen under a FutureEd partnership with the National Student Support Accelerator (NSSA) at Stanford University, profiles three very different ways to scale high-quality tutoring and sustain it beyond the expiration of schools’ federal Covid-relief funding later in 2024, in different communities serving different types of students in different parts of the country: Odessa, Texas; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; and New York City.”

So said Thomas Toch, the Director of the Georgetown University based think tank, FutureEd in the foreword to a report on High Dosage Tutoring released yesterday. The report was titled, Learning Curve: Lessons from the Tutoring Revolution in Public Education. In it, veteran researcher Liz Cohen presents case studies on three approaches to implementing High Dosage Tutoring programs, including a section of the report entitled, A School Designed for Tutors: Great Oaks Charter School, New York City.

The case study on the GO Fellows concluded with this quote from me, “What we’re doing at Great Oaks isn’t just about tutoring. We’re re-imagining how to run a school, how to staff classrooms and how to recruit and inspire the next generation of educators. But we’re doing it by focusing on giving each student the attention and support they need to realize their full human potential.”

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