We must make up for lost time

United States Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona

January 31, 2022

In a speech delivered in Washington last Thursday, the United States Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona (pictured here) outlined his vision for education in America saying, “As educators and leaders, we’re either closing educational opportunity gaps, or making them worse with the decisions we’re going to make in the next coming months and years.”

In that speech, Secretary Cardona invoked tutoring as an important way to meet this moment and the needs of students across the country, “And I’d like to challenge all of our [school] leaders to set a goal of giving every child that fell behind during the pandemic at least 30 minutes per day, three days a week, with a well-trained tutor who is providing that child with consistent, intensive support. We cannot expect classroom teachers to do it all themselves. Districts have American Rescue Plan funds available to them today to invest in these efforts.” (click here for a link to the speech).

How long before there is a universal expectation of tutoring in all schools in this country?

Given what research is showing about the efficacy of High Dosage Tutoring, the GO Foundation’s board committed last June to the vision of, “an America where every child has the support of a tutor to enable them to realize their full human potential.”

If you know of someone who has something to contribute through a year of service, we are seeking tutors who would begin working with students next August; have them apply (click here) to the GO AmeriCorps Fellowship program providing tutoring to students at schools in urban neighborhoods throughout the Northeast.

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